Unleash Trapped Cash
In SAP-Order to Cash
SAP Add-On

Global Order to Cash Challenges

Accounts Receivable (AR) performance has been deteriorating for two-thirds of the largest companies in America. An estimated 9 to 17% of revenue in working capital is trapped in inefficient Order to Cash (OTC) processes at global organizations.

The gap between the best and worst-performing companies, as measured by AR as a percentage of revenue, also continues to widen. As a result, financial stakeholders view the overall decrease in working capital as a key performance risk.

GetBilled Simplifies Complex Challenges in the SAP Order to Cash Process
and Unlocks Value Across The Enterprise


Unlock up to 9% to 17% of the working capital locked up in the billing process, saving millions for your company
each year.


A single ecosystem to manage and govern all the stakeholders in the
Order to Cash process flow.

Efficient Billing

Proactive billing pipeline management,
in-platform auto-escalation, single platform to integrate service delivery, sales & billing teams.

Improved Operations and Service Visibility

Enhanced process ownership with assignable accountability at every stage and targeted (automatic) workload management.

SAP Certified Plug and
Play Solution

GetBilled is an SAP certified product in both SAP NetWeaver and SAP S4 HANA platforms for an easy deployment and optional integration.

GetBilled Value Proposition for Our Customers

Prevent Cash Leakage that Costs Companies Millions Each Year

Continuous tracking of process steps identifying, who is responsible, the reason for any delays, and how long with the actual cost to the company at every stage of the Order to Cash (OTC) process.

Improve Global Order to Cash Governance

Complete organizational billing process ownership.

The process flow creates teamwork and accountability in Realtime throughout the entire OTC process.

Standardize and Consolidate Billing Process in the OTC Flow

Facilitate the transition from the decentralized billing model to an efficient centralized standard billing model, enabling an organization to address pain points in a standard format.

React to Real-Time Customer Invoice Requirements Data

Customer Requirements Module is a fully auditable global repository of customer needs, contract requirements, and point of contact, which can be accessed by any user within the organization fully integrated with SAP.

GetBilled – Potential Savings Examples

GetBilled Works Seamlessly with Customer SAP Ecosystem

SAP Certified Add-On with an optional Interface.

See How We Can Help You to Accelerate Your Cashflow

Industry: Oil Field Services

Company Profile

Reported 2021 U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Filings

Adoption of GetBilled could Potentially lead to 60% ($574M) reduction in unbilled AR, resulting in cost of capital savings of $73M and DSO reduction of 9 days

Industry: Industrial

Company Profile

Reported 2021 U.S Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) Filings

Adoption of GetBilled could potentially lead to 60% ($ 559M) reduction in unbilled AR, resulting in cost of capital savings of $34M and DSO reduction of 6 days