GetBilled for Operational Excellence
Realtime Visibility to Pain Points in the
Order to Cash Process and Insights to
Drive Better Operational Efficiency

Improving Service Quality & DSO Involves Problem Classification, Ownership Identification in the Journey, and Escalation

Enhancing communication and collaboration between different stakeholders within the
Order to Cash cycle is key to better DSO.

Curated for
Operational Use

Realtime Process Tracking and Ownership

Supporting Document Flow Management

Proactive and Auto Billing Workload Management

Improving Operations Efficiency Involves Measuring and Reporting Every Step in the Order to Cash Process

GetBilled provides a flexible operating model that conforms to any business.

Realtime Process Tracking
and Ownership

Continuous tracking of process steps identifying, who is responsible, the reason for any delays, and how long with the actual cost to the company at every stage of the Order to Cash process.

Complete organizational billing process ownership. The process flow creates teamwork and accountability in realtime throughout the entire OTC process.

Ability for operations to send supporting documents directly to SAP via workflow

Curated for Operational Use

With GetBilled email integration, operation teams in the field can access it on smart phones and tablets. They can easily respond quickly to workflows and attach documents using a web browser.

The operation teams do not have to access SAP directly. This overcomes the change management challenges and makes operations embrace the product, at the same time ensuring user authentication and security.

Auto Billing and Productivity Management

GetBilled can assign thousands of documents to a biller, or an operator based on a flexible configuration that defines who is the biller/operator, the organization key combination, and the percentage of assignment.

Proactive billing: visibility to all documents that are about to be due well in advance for proactive management.

Deliver Precise and Timely Operation Information to Management to Improve Reaction Agility and Improved Decision Making

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