GetBilled for Fast Tracking Billing Cycle Time (BCT)
with Flawless Execution
Optimizes and Accelerates
Entire Billing Cycle

Empower Order to Cash Team with Information, Communication and Realtime Insights in One Interactive Dashboard

Improve your execution strategy with a personalized process for each customer.

Proactive Issue Identification and Management

Unified Platform for Sales, Operations, and Billing Teams

Reduced Disputes by Improved Quality of Invoices

Manage Escalation Flows in Your Inbox

Removes Barriers from Moving the Organization from People Dependency to Process Efficiency

Bring outstanding internal collaboration among all stakeholders.

Identification and Classification
of Issues

Instead of reactive issue management, GetBilled allows identifying and classifying issues proactively by the billing team with all the stakeholders.

Assist project management on large turnkey contracts, via customer-specific category management, with handover between steps with full accountability.

Workflow Management

GetBilled Workflows removes organizational silos relying on emails, manual processes, and individual folders with no systematic accountability.

Ability to manage workflows based on resource schedule and handle workflow escalation.

Customer Requirement

Customer requirements module is a fully auditable global repository of customer invoicing needs and contract requirements that can be accessed by anyone in the organization that is fully integrated with SAP.

Eliminate Workload Bottlenecks and Increase Efficiency of the Billing Team

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