GetBilled for Comprehensive Enterprise Governance
The Ability to Capture Key Decision Metrics,
Identify Risks, and Plan Actionable Strategy
is Critical to Improving Cashflow

Enable an Agile Organization with Efficient Governance for the
Order to Cash Process Using the GetBilled Platform

Every event in the Order to Cash Journey is tracked at the Invoice line-item level.

Accountability Metrics and Ownership

Automated Biller Productivity Management

Incentive Management for Sales and Operations

Workflow Auto Escalation

Global Visibility and Governance to a Costly Billing Process

GetBilled establishes analytics to measure performance and issues at each level to enable continuous improvement.

GetBilled Analytics

GetBilled provides instant global insights on, Identification and classification of unbilled issues, aging of documents and person(s) responsible for the delay, escalation metrics and costs associated with the entire billing cycle, the reason for the delay, and the cost associated with the delay, workflow information, and its status.

The data can be sliced by customer, biller, operations, sold to, parent customer, product line, the reason for the delay, and many more dimensions available in the master data.

Multiple Workflow Channels

GetBilled has three channels of workflows.

  • Disputes – For Dispute Management
  • Credit Approval – Credit Approval Process.
  • Revenue Management – Revenue Management Approvals.

These workflows address the major pain points in the service to invoice delivery model.

Most companies have these three in separate platforms and process flows, leading to inefficiency.

Billing Process Standardization and Consolidation

GetBilled facilitates the transition from a decentralized billing model to a centralized standard billing model across the organization.

Standardization enables faster resolution and higher billing output with better quality resulting in lower invoice denial rates.

Visibility of Order to Cash metrics at the global level allows management to take strategic actions on time.

Inbuilt Accountability and Auto Escalation Tools to Drive Process to Person Optimization and Reduce Hand-Off Slippages

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