As Measured by Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), the Time it Takes to Convert Receivables into Cash has Increased 10% on Average
Recognizing and Fixing the Causes of Working Capital becoming “Stuck” in the Order to Cash Cycle should be at the Top of any CFO’s Agenda

Based on a Detailed Analysis by the Industry Peers, these Challenges can be Traced to Several Core Causes

Millions of working capital stuck in any company year after year can have a severe negative impact on DSO and the growth of any company.

Lack of Actionable Realtime Insights

Decentralized Nonstandard
Order to Cash Process

No Systematic Accountability and Escalation

Fragmented Information Systems

Reputed Industry Peers' Observations on Order to Cash Challenges

Most companies have band-aid solutions for one or more of these issues with limited success.

Process Related Issues

  • Lengthy lead time to deliver the invoice to the customers.
  • High ratio of manual invoice vs. electronic invoicing.
  • More than average invoice denial and dispute rate due to poor quality.
  • Decentralized billing across the organization with a high volume of transactions.
  • Reactive issue management combined with insufficient internal communication.
  • Lengthy customer dispute cycles.

Information System Related Issues

  • No realtime tracking of delay by who, where, when and why.
  • Siloed disjointed systems causing inaccurate and more manual inputs.
  • Inconsistent information flow between sales, billing, operations and collections.
  • Lack of workflows and escalation mechanism using email/sharepoint, phone calls, spreadsheets to track and trace and report.

Weak Governance

  • Lack of event driven, owner visibility of accountability and costs to company.
  • Manual biller assignments and productivity management.
  • No workflow escalation to upper management.
  • Nonstandard billing & order management operating models.
  • Lack of realtime global and local insights instead limited information in monthly or weekly operating rhythms.

Companies Lose Millions Year After Year Due to Multiple Pain Points in the Order to Cash Process

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